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New ways to recruit skilled workers

Skilled workers should be able to work in Germany more quickly and easily in future. The German government has passed a new law on the immigration of skilled labour, which aims to reduce bureaucratic hurdles. As part of these legislative changes, the earnings threshold for the Blue Card will be lowered. From now on, it […]

Black Labour is growing faster than expected

In Germany, the problem of undeclared work remains unsolved, and it seems that its extent is even greater than previously assumed. Should the unemployment rate rise, the situation could become even more dramatic.   In 2023, the size of the shadow economy is expected to rise to 463 billion euros, an increase of around 80 […]

Saxony Anhalt University wants to trains specialists for Intel and Co.

Intel generously supports universities of applied sciences and universities in Saxony-Anhalt with a grant of 1.2 million euros.   This measure is aimed at laying the foundations for attracting future specialists to Intel. In this context, two Intel board members are even visiting the city of Magdeburg.   They are accompanied by a delegation of […]

In 2035, there will be a shortage of doctors in Germany.

In 2035, there will probably be a shortage of around 11,000 GPs throughout Germany. This is made clear for the first time by a study by Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH, which also shows which cities and rural districts will be particularly affected by the GP shortage. According to the study conducted by the Berlin-based IGES […]

Employees wanted! Why is there a shortage of staff everywhere? | On the pulse

Waiters, educators, craftsmen: the shortage of personnel does not stop at any industry. ZDF presenter Sarah Tacke sets out to find reasons and solutions for Germany’s jobs disaster. What makes Germany really pulse? What moves Germans and upsets the country? Sarah Tacke, Jana Pareigis, Christian Sievers and Jochen Breyer want to know what particularly drives […]

Germany becomes a modern immigration country.

  Germany already has a shortage of well-trained skilled workers in many regions and sectors.The number of unfilled positions in 2022 was around 1.98 million. To counteract this shortage of skilled workers, the German government has developed a skilled worker strategy that focuses strongly on promoting domestic potential. In particular, it aims to increase the […]

Children Care: Professionals desperately needed

Germany currently lacks around 384,000 daycare places, according to a study by the Bertelsmann Foundation published in October 2022. In order to meet the needs of all parents of kindergarten children in terms of care and to ensure that children are not only kept but also adequately nurtured, 308,807 additional specialists would have to be […]

What documents do truck drivers from Albania need?

Are you from Albania and would you like to work as a truck driver in Germany? Then you need a work visa. If you are a truck driver with class C or bus driver with class D, then you need to make an appointment at the German Embassy in the category ” FEG” Fachkrafteinwanderungsgesetz. If […]

Shortage of skilled nursing staff

There has been a shortage of nursing staff in Germany for many years. However, the shortage has worsened in recent years as the number of elderly people increases and thus the need for caregivers also increases. The need for nursing staff varies depending on the nursing direction and region. In general, however, skilled workers are […]

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