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You want a career change, but the time-consuming writing of applications is getting on your last nerve – and the right job is not there either?

You can save yourself the tedious sifting through job offers. We as a personnel service provider will find exactly the job that suits you.

Whether in logistics, in the commercial sector, in gastronomy or in any other field.

We offer you the possibility of direct permanent employment with companies.  Look no further for your dream job – because we will find it for you.

Eles Pira
Eles Pira
der beste ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Fitore Beka
Fitore Beka
Jam shum e kenaqur me kompanin Era consulting veqanerisht me korrektesine e tyre, asnjeher nuk kane ngurruar per tju pergjigjur qdo pytje ne qdo koh dhe per ta zgjidhur qdo dyshim qe kisha jam shum falenderuse qe sot jam pajisur me vize fal kesaj kompanie
Edison Rustemi
Edison Rustemi

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